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    Founder's Message

    Vilas Gawade

    Founder Director

    As the Founder Director at GCC, Mr. Vilas Gawade leads the way towards a prosperous and joyous work environment for the team. After completing his BE in Civil Engineering from COEP in 1986, he now dons multi-faceted hats at work. His visionary thinking and philosophy of growing together give the team motivation to excel every day.

    As an inspirational leader and guide, he continues to encourage everyone to think creatively and innovatively. He focuses on doing every work – big or small, with utmost diligence and inspires his team to do the same.

    Management Team

    Harishchandra Kalbhor
    Shankar Narawade
    Chief Finance Manager
    Viraj Gawade
    Director Head – Real Estate
    Nikhil Kalbhor
    Manoj Modak
    Head – Industrial Construction
    Sandesh Tanpure
    Legal Compliance Officer
    Balvir Chawla
    Financial Advisor
    Shridhar Toknekar
    Architect & Project Advisor
    Chakor Gandhi
    Strategic Advisor